Through the heavy downpour: The Tagaytay cross country 40 kilometer course

We were going southbound at 6:30am to check the new 40 kilometer course for the Tagaytay Cross Coutry Challenge when it began to rain.

It’s been raining cats and dogs in the south for days already. Our schedules were tight so we decided to push through with the trackread. Rain or shine.

We started from the roundabout coming from Aguinaldo highway, and then descended to the mountain pass of  Talisay (Tagaytay-Taal road) going to Barangay Sampaloc, all the way to Barangay Bagong tubig, and then endure the seemingly endless uphell err uphill climb going back up to Mahogany Avenue.

I like the way this course was designed. The variety of the terrains from roads, trails, puddles, mud, and uneven pavement was a good practice for cross country mountain bikers. I can say that we finally have a new challenging spot in the south, with elevation that can go up to 1,800 meters!

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