Exploring Hinagdanan Cave in Bohol

Fresh from our Island hopping trip from Balicasag and swimming with some sea turtles, we resumed our land tour in Bohol but this time, we decided to explore the island of Panglao. One of our destinations was Hinagdanan Cave.

It was a surprise for me to find out that the popular Hinagdanan Cave exists along the highway of Dauis in Panglao. We had a quick stopover and asked for a local guide for us to go down a steep stairway.

The entrance is a mere hole with a diameter of about 1 meter with a spiral stairway, the steps were a bit slippery so we were advised to take careful steps sideways.

Right after the entrance is a wall painting that according to the guide, was made by tourists years ago.

Another short stairway lead to a larger area with its main feature: an underground pond surrounded by breathtaking limestone formations. Swimming is allowed until 4pm but we arrived before 5pm so we were not able to take a dip. Our guide informed us that it is where salt water and fresh water meet. The shallowest part is 3 feet deep while the middle part is 20 feet.

The cave was illuminated by sunlight through the holes from the top, which accentuated its features.

According to our guide, the cave was discovered by a local when he saw holes from where he was clearing the land from old tree trunks and shrubs. Curious, he went inside the hole using a ladder and to his surprise, saw a cavern with pristine water. This became the locals’ water source from then on.

They then called it Hinagdanan Cave, derived from the term ‘Hagdan’ or stairs.

Getting there:

Hinagdanan cave is around 15 kilometers from the city of Tagbilaran and about 2.5 kilometers from Dauis. You can get there via tricycle, a rental motorcycle, or by private vehicle.


  • The area is 100 meters long and is made up of limestone.
  • The entrance of the cave is surrounded by houses and stalls that sell local delicacies and souvenirs.
  • The guides are a bunch of friendly volunteers., we were lucky to be guided by a young lady who cracked jokes most of the time while providing us with the basic facts. She also was eager to take photos of us.
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