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filinvest trail

The mountain passes of Rizal and Quezon are ideal spots for mountain biking and so are the back roads of Laguna and Cavite, but living within Metro Manila can be arduous when it comes to cycling outside the city because of the pollution and chaotic roads that we have to go through. Good thing we have a fair share of mountain bike trails within the city, one of which is the Filinvest Trails. 

Located in the heart of Alabang’s business district and just right beside Palms Pointe, the Filinvest Trails are sections that are divided in to blocks which were made for mountain biking and trail running.

filinvest trail

The Garden City

Filinvest was developed back in 1995. The 244 hectare area used to be a farmland and was transformed to a competitive modern establishment.

Dubbed as the Garden City, it is now booming with shopping malls, hotels, parks, real estate projects, and other recreational areas that promotes environmental awareness, healthy lifestyle, and family bonding.

filinvest trail

Embedded within the district is a verdant landscape canopied by trees grassy blocks and wide roads. It was in the late 90’s when they developed the area to be known as the Filinvest Trails.

The Playground

The paved areas are ideal spots for strolling, skateboarding, long walks with friends or loved ones and other outdoor activities.

filinvest trail

I frequently ride to its well-defined trails since it is just 10 kilometers away from home. I like its sudden uphill parts that will force you to grind your gears followed by winding pathways which will help you hone your handling skills.

filinvest trail

filinvest trail

Aside from the laid-back, twisty paths, it also has several technical parts which is guaranteed to up your game. The ones near South Luzon Expressway called the “Heart Attack Trail” is riddled with steep sudden uphill climbs, loopy berms, a woozy drop section, and joint rattling pump tracks.

filinvest trail
The steepest sudden ascent. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t.
filinvest trail
Well-defined berms
filinvest trail
Drop section and a B-line in case you want to go down safely.
filinvest trail
This part gets very slippery during the rainy season. Better be careful.

Some ascents are straightforward, all you have to do is adjust your gears and pedal your way up, but some can be very tedious because of the overgrowth and roots that just disturb your momentum. An extra amount of concentration and balance may be required to get through it.

filinvest trail

There is also a mini ramp along the the trails beside the highway. It’s a quick jump and not as technical as those built in Aguinaldo and Heroes Trail, but it is a good starter to practice your wheel flicking skills before getting some of those big air.   

filinvest trail

Another interesting segment of the Filinvest Trails is the pathway that stretches along a flowing stream. One part that you will not expect in an urban setting.

filinvest trail

It will then be followed by a slope in which you have to duck through an arched tree, and then pedal your way back up.

filinvest trail

Riders and runners do not have to worry about getting lost or confused inside the trail network. There are several signs which points to the correct direction in some of the entry points.

filinvest trail The signs also have a contact number in case of emergency.

If you’re ready for some competition, It is also a good place to practice since it is home for several mountain bike races and events such as the Filinvest Endurance Weekend and Shimano Dirt and Play.   

Recent Developments

New sections were added as of May 2016. These new blocks vary in difficulty and has a lot in store for every thrill seeking rider.

The technical sections include a set of steps, an uphill climb along the walls of the adjacent village, bumpy rock gardens, and the popular concreted drop section that is sure to feed your adrenaline rush.

filinvest trail
New rock gardens are built for some serious riding.
filinvest trail
The once empty lot was also built as a trail network. I hope they keep this as it is in the future.
filinvest trail
The most challenging part is this drop section. You do not have to worry if you’re not ready to take this on yet. There is an alternate line where you can pass this through.
filinvest trail
More steps to make the descent more exciting.

The trails are a good training ground before taking on a more difficult trail such as Timberland. It has a mix of beginner to intermediary sections that are sure to improve your mountain biking skills.

Most mountain bikers and trail runners may be familiar with the Filinvest Trails especially those who are living in the south, but for the athletes and weekend warriors who are new to the sport, it is an ideal go-to spot for training and just pure fun whether on foot or on two wheels.

Alabang may be a very busy city but the lush landscape of Filinvest is a refreshing sight. It has proved to the public that they are more than just shopping malls, hotels, and real estate. I can say that developers have very high regards when it comes to health and wellness, and at the same time immerse Filipinos to a cleaner and greener city.

The courses may change because of future housing or commercial developments. I hope they maintain the area not just for us but also for the future residents and visitors to make them realize that the grass is indeed greener within the skyscraper-riddled city.

How to get there

It’s easy to find the trails especially on weekends since it is a go-to spot for cyclists and runners in the south.

Via Daang hari:

  • Exit to Daang Hari Road and turn right to Commerce Avenue. Continue straight until you reach West Gate and Petron. From Petron, turn right to enter the road going to the trails

Via West Service Road:

  • Head straight until you reach North Gate. Turn left going to Festival Mall, and then turn right to Commerce Avenue or head straight to Parkway Street.

Via BF Homes:

  • Take Concha Cruz Drive until you reach Alabang-Zapote road (Toyota). Turn left and head straight to Madrigal Ave (right) until you reach Commerce Ave. Turn left until you reach Petron. 
  • Continue straight until you reach West Gate and Petron. From Petron, turn right to enter the road going to the trails.

Hydration711 filinvest

One of the upsides of cycling within the city is the availability of resources. Establishments are everywhere outside the trails and you can stop and have a refill any time.

711 – The Levels by Filinvest: Just beside Petron Gas station when you enter the recreational area.

Cafe Bonjour – Total Gas Station, Westgate: Right along Commerce Avenue in front of Petron. It is right beside the parking entrance of West Gate.

Nearby Bike Shops

Professional bike mechanics are ready to fix your bikes whether it’s a pinch flat, a broken chain, or some parts that suddenly need replacement. Here’s a list of nearby shops:

Bike RX
West Gate
Commerce Ave Cor Filinvest Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa
contact: +63 9985172453Bike RX

Gran Trail Cycles
Cluster 2, unit 12-a El Molito Commercial Complex, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa
Opening hours Mon-Sun 8:30am – 9pm
Contact: +632-856-4488, +63917-814-3636

Scott Bikes
West Gate
Commerce Ave Cor Filinvest Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Contact: +63 998 9849 319

Scott bikes

Cycling Zone
Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Contact: +63 2 802 0773

West Gate
Commerce Ave Cor Filinvest Ave, Alabang, Muntinlupa
Contact: +63 917 548 6687


Bike Line
West Gate
Commerce Avenue Cor. Filinvest Avenue, Ayala Alabang
Contact: (02) 403 6683

Filinvest Trail

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