ShopBack lets you enjoy cashback, Aliexpress coupons and more.


I’ve been exploring the outdoors on a shoestring budget for quite some time now. Witnessing the beauty of our pristine beaches, breathtaking mountain peaks, and the wonders of our neighboring countries makes me want to see more of what lies beyond the horizon.

But no matter how thrifty I am, the fact remains that going to my next travel destination will make me shell out some money. My solution? Live within my means and stop unnecessary spending. I also reduce the damage to my bank account by looking for cheaper alternatives such as flight sales and discounted outdoor gear.

Shop and Save

Combining a strict financial discipline and channeling my inner search engine radar for good online shopping deals are surefire ways to crush those exorbitant costs. Good thing I discovered this awesome site called ShopBack.


ShopBack makes you earn while you shop online. They are based in Singapore and is now in the Philippines. They are also the top cashback website in Malaysia, India, and Taiwan. 

Imagine making a purchase in front of your computer or mobile device and then earning a portion of the cost just by using their website! 

Taking E-Commerce to the next level


There are several merchants to choose from in ShopBack’s homepage. It has a wide variety of stores for travel (Expedia,, Fashion (Zalora, Gap), Food (Jollibee, Bonchon), and even other E-Commerce Websites (Lazada, Aliexpress).


Exploring the outdoors is more affordable now since you can get mountaineering gear with Aliexpress coupons. You can also check Expedia or to book for your preferred travel itinerary. 

There are tons of offers for travel from ShopBack’s wide variety of merchants. Want to know more? Check this video to find out:

How does it work?

The online merchants in ShopBack’s website pay them for every purchase made from their site. ShopBack will then give a portion of its earnings to the user for every successful transaction.

Purchasing is easy and signing up is a breeze. You can sign up using your email address or connect with your existing Facebook account.

Enjoy online shopping spree by following these steps:

1.) Pick one among the popular stores in the site. The homepage shows the popular merchants. 

2.) A pop-up will appear to indicate the percentage of cashback for each category. Click ‘Shop Now.’


3.) Shop as normal and make a purchase. 


4.) Your cashback amount will accumulate in your account for each purchase. 

5.) You can then redeem your earned cashback directly to your bank account. Earnings may take up to 48 hours to reflect in your account.


It’s not just outdoor stuff that I’m looking for online but also fantastic travel deals. Want to take advantage of those seat sales? Just look for Airasia Zest promos from the store page and get a percentage of your money back upon booking.


Share to your friends and earn

There is also a reward for referring ShopBack to your friends! Just use the provided referral link and post it in your social media account. Another way is to send invites to your email’s address book.


What do you think of ShopBack? The nifty website is quite overwhelming at first but you will get the hang of it. Just register, select one of the stores, purchase as normal and rack up on points as you shop online.

It is always possible to travel on a tight budget, but the reality is you will still spend as long as you’re out there. Good thing there’s ShopBack!  I have finally found a gold mine of stores and travel coupons that will help me save up on my adventure funds and get a portion of my money back at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? Click this link to find out more of ShopBack’s fantastic deals!

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  1. Tried shopback by shopping in I must say the 5% cashback that I received is kinda huge! I’m very happy!! The brands that I love are also there! Will definitely use shopback over and over and over and over again!

    1. 5%? Nice. Keep using Shopback to rack up on those points! 🙂

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