Owning a site, bike crash, being injured, a lesson of resilience and doing what you love to do


*Posted: 9/28/2017*

www.baldtrekker.com just turned a year older!

One of my dreams is having my own site where I tell stories of my adventures. This dream was finally fulfilled after years of saving, being a corpo drone, and having a bad case of analysis paralysis.

It wasn’t an easy road when I started. I was unfamiliar with the technicalities and my writing skill was a bit rusty, but I decided to push through anyway in spite the crappy layout and the wishy washy content. (Which I eventually fixed.)

The early days

Several factors also made it difficult. It may appear that I have all the time in my hands but I was juggling between my 9-hour job, house duties, and relationships. Weekends? That’s for gear grinding activities or an afternoon or two on another summit. I find squeezing my blog in between these life activities as such an artful task.

In addition to the above adulthood woes, I learned to make-do with what I have. I’m not a big spender on gadgets so I got used to using my old laptop. It may appear decent but its speed will make you cringe. Start up is sluggish that it takes about 3-5 minutes for the browser to pull up. Not to mention the busted LCD screen.

Transfering files from my action camera is also a pain in the ass. The USB port is not reading the device and I lost my card reader. Solution: Transfer videos to my phone via wifi and then plug the phone to the laptop. The ultimate time killer!

But I did it! The site is up and running for quite some time now and it’s getting a decent web traffic. I get very few stints and run ads but it’s not enough for my everyday life but hey, at least I’m getting there. (And I also decided to keep my day job.)

I just thought of these things when I opened my laptop after weeks of not seeing it. The challenges and inconveniences that I’ve been through, and the time and money I’ve spent just crossed my mind as I typed those three Ws. I just can’t help but be thankful. Thankful for the time, resources, and very supportive people in my life.

Do what you love to do

Life is short. After graduating, you may spend the rest of your adult life working. I think it is great because you get to earn, but avoid the monotony of waking up, brave the rush hour traffic, work for 8 hours, go home, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.

Find something that you think is worthwhile. Don’t think of the money, you got a job anyway. Want to be a diver? Go for it. Write a book? Why not? Come up with a lifestyle blog? Good idea! Just do it. It may be as wild as travelling alone in an unfamiliar place, or simply taking your wife and kids to a hotel for some quality family time.

On the mend

Now I’m facing a new challenge. To continue doing what I love to do while I’m on the mend.

My C4 cervical spine is cracked and I have to wear a soft collar for the next eight to 10 weeks. What’s worse is my brachial plexus, the bunch of nerves that stems out of my spinal cord to the tip of my fingers were stretched out and was riddled with edema. Right now, I don’t have any movement in my left shoulder and bicep. (Good thing my tricep, wrist, and fingers were spared. I can still type!)

The accident may have taken out my arm but it motivated me to push through. It may take some time to heal but I’ll get used to this…

With a beat up laptop and an arm being nursed in a sling, www.baldtrekker.com will continue to tell amazing stories. 

Next in the list:

-Heal my spine
-Repair bike
-Ride the damn bike
-Clmb another mountain
-Take those prescribed painkillers

*Update: 10/20/2017*

9 weeks post accident

And I’m back riding again! (Still not 100%. Got the wheels replaced and brakes repaired. Also, thanks to my sister’s pink helmet lol.)

I have to do cardio on top of my physical therapy if it means healing quicker. So off I went around the neighborhood for a more safe and controlled environment. (No trails or long rides yet.)

I was lucky that my tricep was spared from the accident which is why I could steer the handlebar. It’s just weird that I have to flail my arm forward just to reach for it.

My shoulder and bicep are still “out of order” and doctors said it may take months to heal (thank God my nerves are alive according to the tests). The nerve pain is more bareable now compared to the first few weeks. It still feels like hot blades and shards of glass inside my hand and arm sometimes.

I almost feel like my old self again, I just can’t wait to get my upper arm back. The road to recovery may take a while but I’m happy that I can ride around the neighborhood again without any problems.

Next in the list:
-Get back in the office
-Hope to get cleared hiking again
-Get rid of these painkillers

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