Gone in seconds: How to keep your bike from getting stolen

bike stolen

A long long time ago, in a barangay far, far away…

There was a kid who ran carelessly as the boredom from school wore off. The tricycle dropped him in front of his house each afternoon. From there he used to storm off, barge through the gate of his home, and grab his shiny blue BMX so he can pedal happily along the pothole riddled village.

It went on for months until one day, he ran the usual corner to his house, opens the gate and realized that his 24-inch wheeled toy was not where he last parked it.

It was nowhere to be found…


With several pedal strokes, the dark, evil, bike thief from Mordor was gone. Flapping his black cape as the wind whizzed by.

The bike was then chopped up and was sold to several peasants. The blue glittered paint chipped off eventually, gathered dust and rusted away as it lived miserably ever after.

Terrible news

*Fast forward to present day.*

I woke up this morning with the buzzing sound of my phone. Friends in our group chat were exchanging messages about my friend and sparring buddy’s bike being stolen.

bike lock
Taken by my friend: The cable was cut by the thief and fled with his bike.

The house was broken into, and the cable lock was cut so that the thief can pedal hard in hopes of not getting caught. 

I expressed my shock and grievance in the messenger app while I told my story of how I also got my bike stolen. (Yes, the kid in the story was me.) It was one of the most devastating experiences of my life. I was not able to ride a bike for a very long time because of this.

  • Location: Las Pinas
  • Frame: Cannondale Trail 6 (Gun metal)
  • Groupset: Shimano Deore XT 2×11. 36t-26t chainrings
  • Fork: Suntour Epixon
  • Truvativ Handlebar
  • Controltech stem

Please contact 09178360674

They’re always out there. Even in seemingly secure areas

“Well lit, quiet, no people around. Let me just put it here and I’ll be back in a sec.”

You can never be sure sometimes, even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes. Thieves only need less than 10 seconds for them to take your bike away. Secure it with a cable lock and some asshole can flee in just a snip of a cutter.

So how do you avoid your bike getting nicked?

bike to work

Sadly, there is no guaranteed way to keep your bike secure. Even heavy duty locks can be ripped apart by bolt cutters that can easily be concealed in bags or loose clothing. The reason we invest on heavy duty locks is not just to keep it secure, but also to delay the theft (in case of occurrence) or discourage any malicious intent.

Don’t use these locks:

  • Cable locks: These can be nipped by cheap wire cutters. Thieves usually pick bikes secured by cable locks first because these are easy targets. 

Exception: You can still use a cheap lock IF and only if:

  1. Your bike is clearly visible.
  2. Your bike is only about a very few meters away from you.
  3. You ask one of your friends to keep an eye on your bike.

This way you can easily confront the suspecting thief before he does the job. 

  • Cheap knockoff U-Locks: You know, those lightweight, 250-300php U-locks that has a circular locking mechanism and is probably made in China? I suggest that you put it on a shelf. These locks are easily unlocked by a pen with a cap off.
bike lock
These cheap model with a tubular lock just won’t cut it. Thieves can work their way through the hole in a subtle way. Even an empty pen can unlock these things.

Instead, use these:

  • An original, heavy duty U-Lock: Right now, I’m still using a Giant Surelock Protector 1 STD U-Lock. It’s heavy, robust, and the material is tough! I’ve been using it in my commute to work and my bike is still in one place even if left outside a bike parking area for 9 hours.
bike lock
My only problem is the weight, it feels heavier than a dropper post but It’s a forgivable drawback as long as it gets me home on two wheels at the end of the day.         
  • A Chain lock: This is used in combination with the U-Lock. Secure the rear wheel and seat tube in place, and then use the chain lock to link the U-Lock and secure the front wheel.


It is ideal to get a smaller U-lock. That way, bolt cutter can’t go around and it will be difficult to get a good leverage. Too bad I only have one size.

Where to park

There are several bike parking spots around the city that you can use. Sadly, these hot spots are also easy on the eyes of thieves. Make sure to park with the following extra security measures:

  • A Security Guard – Oftentimes I engaged with a quick chit chat with the security guy and then ask to guard the area. You can even give him a tip for a job well done afterwards.
  • A CCTV camera – Thieves sometimes know if the place is under surveillance.
  • Park beside other bikes with cheap locks – We may feel sorry for them if ever their bikes will get targeted, but putting your bike beside less secure ones will make it less of an option.
bike to work
It is ideal to lock it up around the seat tube and the back wheel.
bike to work
A heavy duty U-Lock and an “uglified” bike. It’s a perfect combination, but the way it was locked still makes this an easy target. This is my everyday beater by the way.

When Commuting

It is ideal to get a cheaper bike and keep your weekend steed at home, that way it will be less painful when it gets stolen. Combine it with a heavy duty lock and your commuter will ward off evil spirits.

I had a crazy idea of “uglifying” my bike to make it less appealing. I get lazy sometimes and park it along the busy pathways near my office and it stays there for 9 hours! Even if it is only the remaining bike at 12 midnight.

bike to work

When at home

You can never be too sure. A bicycle is a valuable property and a getaway ride rolled in to one. A lot of us are guilty of just coiling it up with a cable lock or worse, just leaning it beside the garage wall, waiting for any lurking burglar to take it away.

It is best to lock it up inside a secure part of the house. If I feel lazy, I just park it inside the living room, or I rack it up in my bedroom. It is also a good idea to put an alarm.

Still not a guarantee

Sadly, the above mentioned tips does not shield us from evil forces. Like I mentioned, we can only delay the theft or discourage them from stealing our prized possession. 

I hope this article helps. Our vigilance is our weapon of choice against these thieves. I feel sorry every time I read news of another bike being taken away from its owner. 

What did I miss? Is there any other way how we can protect our bike from being stolen? What are the methods you use to prevent this unfortunate event to happen? I want to hear it from you. Please leave a comment in the comments section.

Ride safe and I hope you all still get home safely on two wheels!

  • Location: Las Pinas
  • Frame: Cannondale Trail 6 (Gun metal)
  • Groupset: Shimano Deore XT 2×11. 36t-26t chainrings
  • Fork: Suntour Epixon
  • Truvativ Handlebar
  • Controltech stem

Please contact 09178360674

The owner is willing to give a reward

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