I’m on Youtube! Announcing Bald Trekker TV

A blogger vlogging, or a vlogging blogger. Maybe a vlogger blogging? This is confusing…

Yes! I’ve been making videos, documenting my epic rides on Youtube since last year and I decided to go further than that. In spite my current injury, I opted to add more online content.

I may be in rehab mode for now but I’m still able to film and upload videos. I’ll be posting events, unboxing/reviews, adventures, and epic rides (when I recover) so please click this link and hit the subscribe button. I am excited to tell you all my story.

More content

This may be a bit of a challenge because I’m still stuck in a nine hour job. But I guarantee that I’ll post more great stuff about my adventures and stories. I can’t wait to bring you to the mountains through my camera lens or become my sparring partner during my bike rides.

Why post videos?

Two main reasons: 

For me – I want to challenge myself when the year started. Producing video content is tough work whether you are using a mobile phone camera or a professional DSLR rig. I enjoy telling my stories but I am not that good in front of the lens, I’d rather write it down where I find it easier to express myself. (Confession!) so join me as I learn to tell my story with more confidence and less awkwardness.

My Youtube channel will also serve as my motivation. To remind myself that I have to get my ass up and work on the things I love the most. Passion without action is nothing and my weapon to materialize this is to execute, execute, and execute.

For you – As my website continues to grow, I want to be more engaging to my readers and viewers as much as possible. I want to reach out to YOU, my audience, and being in multiple platforms will help us get more connected.

You’re on a quick break in the office that do not have video access? Check out the website. You’re commuting and have available data? Check out the video. 

Another is that I don’t want you to miss out on some details. There are things that can be shown through videos that may be a bit of a challenge to put in to writing. Antics, behind the scenes, and off the top jokes to name a few.

Reach out

So that’s it guys. I also promise to write stuff as personal as possible. Let’s get connected. I’ll be posting more adventures soon and several videos are brewing as I type this. (My road to recovery video is in the works).

So click this link of my Youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe. I have also added a menu in the website that will lead you directly to my channel.

Until next time! To my traveler friends, take good care out there. To my cycling buddies, ride safe!


Baldtrekker TV now signing on. Check out some of my videos:





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