C6 Bike Lane: Pedal safely along Laguna Lake Highway

c6 bike lane laguna lake highway

Paranaque to Taytay in no time

Some of the dust may have settled as C6 or the Laguna Lake Highway approaches its completion. I find this route fascinating because it connects my hometown of Paranaque to the City of Taguig, Pasig, and the municipality of Taytay in Rizal.

The idea of cycling or jogging along the stretch of Laguna Lake on a beautiful Sunday morning excites me. And C6 Road has the solution for people like me who is craving for this type of sensory pleasure. 

For Pedestrians and cyclists

True to what the developers claimed, The Laguna Lake Highway cuts travel time from Paranaque from an hour to thirty minutes. Now that the second part of C6 was completed, another 3.2 kilometers of pure driving comfort has been added to our travel experience.

Adding on to the mix is the construction of the C6 bike lane. Good thing the Department of Public Works and Highways was kind enough to think of the pedestrians and cyclists as well. The idea of a major highway having a working, feasible bike lane excited me, that I just jumped in to my bike fresh from the bed to check out its progress.

I remember last year when it was all just a plan. When the road side was just  stretch of dirt and how trucks scattered dust all over as it passed. I went past Camp Bagong Diwa to make a careful descent to Taguig’s public park. The morning light hit me as I was welcomed by joggers, cyclists, and locals as I continued onward.

c6 bike lane laguna lake highway

After a few kilometers and the park became a bike lane. The sidewalk is wide enough for joggers and they can also use the bike lane when the coast is clear. What’s amazing is how they put up platforms to guarantee restriction of vehicles in the lane and to make sure that cyclists and pedestrians are safe.

According to DPWH, the bike lane is three meters wide while the sidewalk measures 1.5 meters.

c6 bike lane laguna lake highway

Still in the works

But all good things have to come to an end (and it was quick in this case), as the construction of the C6 bike lane is yet to be completed. Almost half way through and I found myself pedaling along rugged soil again.

It appeared that they were building the lane portion by portion, and for the mean time, I had no choice but to share the road with the vehicles again, until about a few meters when I found my way to another pavement.

c6 bike lane laguna lake highway
Construction is still ongoing but I am positive that the whole stretch will benefit both cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

The road may lead me to Pasig and Taytay but I decided to go back. I have no plans of going to Rizal from Paranaque by bike at that time since I am still recovering from a major nerve injury. I’ve seen the construction’s progress and I can say that I was happy to experience a portion of the bike lane.

c6 bike lane laguna lake highway

c6 bike lane laguna lake highway
Check out those two trucks occupying both lanes. It just shows how these bike lanes will keep us safe from harm along the highway.

Our safety, their priority 

I commend DPWH for coming up with this idea, and the local government as well. I hope they come up with more feasible bike lanes like this around Metro Manila. It may be a hellacious gridlock of vehicles during rush hour, but commuting on a bike and providing easy access and pathways to cyclists will promote this healthy and practical lifestyle.

c6 bike lane laguna lake highway

There are just things that some may find unfavorable to the people who will use this lane in the future. And there are also things that can be brought up for future improvements. Here are some foreseeable instances and suggestions:

  • Vendors – Since there is potential foot traffic. It is possible that the 1.5 meter wide sidewalk may be riddled with sellers. Could be a good thing or a bad thing. It depends I guess? What do you guys think?
  • Irresponsible two-wheeled motorists – Not generalizing but it may happen and it may cause serious danger to pedestrians when there will be an attempt to use the bike lanes.
  • A police station/patrolling officer – I”m not sure if there is one already, I haven’t noticed yet. If there is one or two then good. But because the highway stretches from Bicutan to Pasig, the safety of the people should be top priority, especially at night.

What do you guys think of the C6 Bike lane? Do you think this is a good investment? Will this greatly contribute to our safety as a motorist and a pedestrian? How do you think it will stay like this for years and not be taken for granted? I want to know your two cents about this. Leave your comments in the Comments section below.

I will keep you guys updated once the construction has finished. Hopefully it will be done very soon. I may update this write-up or post a new one depending on the development of this amazing bike lane. 

Until then.

Take care and ride safe!

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